Sunglasses Ocean Deck Anti-Slip Mat

Sunglasses Ocean Deck Anti-Slip Mat

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Decorate your home for a beach themed look. Step onto this mat and gently rest your tired feet on our soft spongy cloud mat while removing fatigue off your joints and knees. This anti-slip, durable and water-absorb mat will protect your feet from the cold floor and at the same time protects your floor from moisture. Our beach theme mats will surely bring comfort to your home, no matter where you place them. It is also a perfect memorable housewarming gift.

  • PERFECT-for all surfaces, backing will not harm your flooring
  • Thickness: 0.12in (0.3cm)
  • Fine Workmanship, Long lasting
  • Anti-Static
  • Abrasive Resistance
  • The Color and the Shape will stay beautiful and vibrant for years
  • Corrosion-Resistant

Anti-Slip Backing: Friction particle that can prevent the mat from shifting and skidding

Material: Flannel, Polyester

Thick cushion mat provides support under your feet

  • Allow TWO-FOUR weeks for shipping. Tracking ID will be provided immediately upon shipment, which typically take 2-4 business day.
  • Tip: Due to the foldable packaging, there will be creases when you get it. Flatten with hands or large books and it will restore itself to its original state.

Customer Reviews

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Lamont Sawayn

beautiful! thank you

Katelynn Funk

Love the colors and design on the mat. it looks beautiful in my bathroom. I highly recommend.

Valentinus Winarta

I love the quality...soft and non slip.

Jenifer Stanton

Excellent quality! I would buy again from this seller.

Aulia Yudhiswara

Perfect mat for me when I am in the kitchen. It is soft and keeps my toes warm while I cook.



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