Majestic Reindeers 3D Mural Art Decals
Majestic Reindeers 3D Mural Art Decals

Majestic Reindeers 3D Mural Art Decals

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Our Mural Decal can turn an ordinary home office, living room or kid’s room into anything but ordinary. It has high quality peel and stick backing that is long lasting and will not fade. Create and transform any space to an enchanting atmosphere effortlessly to a style that is uniquely yours.

  • Size: 20x28in (50x70cm)
  • PVC Removeable Decal
  • Durable
  • Non-Fading
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Easily removeable and reposition without messy residue left behind
  • Matt Finish-Look like paint under all types of light without the glare caused by glossy finishes
  • Recommendation: When you receive the decal, it is rolled up. Please, please use a large book to flatten the decal as it is easier to stick on your wall when it is flat

Why Is our PVC Ideal compared to other decals?
Compared to standard vinyl and paper decals which are prone to peeling, fading and tearing, our Mural Decals are made with polyester PVC Decals that are much thicker, stronger, UV resistant and more tear resistant. Thanks to its durability and weather resistance, it will stay vibrant and beautiful for a long time no matter if it is placed indoors or outdoors.

Easy to Apply:
  1. Choose a smooth surface, and clean it before sticking
  2. Peel the decal
  3. Before pressing firmly to the wall, double check that it is placed exactly as you envisioned it
  4. Press the decal firmly and use a credit card to squeeze out air bubbles
How to Remove:
  1. Use blow dry, low/medium
  2. Blow dry the decal approximately 8 Inches away for a few seconds
  3. Use fingernail or tweezer and pull flat against the wall, not out

Customer Reviews

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Will buy again

Decal gave a magical feel when I enter my home. The quality was great and it was easy to apply. I will buy again for friend.

Perfect Decor

Perfect decor for my dorm room. My room does not have a lot of light and looks very dull. The cool looking decal gave it life and looks amazing. So many friends are asking me about where I got it from since they never seen one. I already recommended a few friends and they are going to put one in their room too.

Beautiful Decal

I absolutely love this design on this decal. The design is magical looking and the colors are gorgeous. I love waking up to this in the morning. I would recommend it to my friends for their home, office or anywhere that needs a little to it.


This is so magical. My room looks so amazing. Fast shipping too.



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